Main hub of Dark Souls II
Game Originated Dark Souls II
Amount of Bonfires 1
DLC Area? No

Majula is the main hub of Dark Souls II. It can be compared to Firelink Shrine of Dark Souls, the Nexus in Demon's Souls, and Hunter's Dream in Bloodborne.


[edit] NPCs

NPCs will gather in Majula as you meet them on your journey.

[edit] Items

[edit] Enemies

All of the NPCs in the area can become your enemy if you "aggro" them. (The exceptions to this are Sweet Shalquoir, and Emerald Herald.) Shalquoir cannot be killed and Herald just won't respond when you want to talk.

[edit] Connected Areas

[edit] Boss(es)

There is no boss in Majula.

[edit] NG+ (and above) Differences

  • With each passing NG, one more skeleton is added to the mansion's basement. (Can also be affected with use of a Bonfire Ascetic.)

[edit] Other

The Victor's Stone allows you to enter the covenant, The Company of Champions. By talking to Saulden you may join the Way of Blue covenant. In this sense, Majula has the "Easy" and "Hard" modes from the beginning.

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