Category:Weapons (DS II)

Here are all of the following weapons found in Dark Souls II.


[edit] Daggers

[edit] Straight Swords

[edit] Greatsword

[edit] Ultra Greatsword

[edit] Curved Swords

[edit] Katanas

[edit] Curved Greatswords

[edit] Piercing Swords

[edit] Axes

[edit] Great Axes

[edit] Hammers

[edit] Great Hammers

[edit] Fist Weapons

[edit] Spears

[edit] Halberds

[edit] Lances

[edit] Reapers

[edit] Twinblades

[edit] Whips

[edit] Bows

[edit] Greatbows

[edit] Crossbows

[edit] Flames

[edit] Chimes

[edit] Staves

[edit] DLC Weapons

[edit] Crown of the Sunken King

[edit] Crown of the Old Iron King

[edit] Crown of the Ivory King

This DLC has not been released as of this time.

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