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[edit] Overview

The Chaos Servants are a "Chaotic Neutral" covenant that has major effects on the campaign, specifically for those following along the Solaire questline. Becoming a part of this covenant has no effects on online play, but it does create a shortcut from the Demon Ruins to Lost Izalith so that players can either avoid the Demon Firesage and Centipede Demon bosses or allow players to continue along with the Solaire questline. The covenant itself, however, does offer two rewards; the Great Chaos Fireball and Chaos Storm Pyromancies.

[edit] Requirements to Join

There is only one method that the player can obtain access to the Forest Hunters.

  • Head down to Blighttown and rest at the bonfire if you have yet to defeat the boss. Travel from there to Quelaag's Domain, where you will encounter [[Quelaag] if you haven't yet defeated her. Pass through this area, then continue up the stairs on the opposite side, where the second Bell of Awakening awaits you. Proceed down the stairs and begin hitting the walls of cobwebs around you, as an illusory wall is hidden here. Once you find it, proceed in and speak with Eingyi, though make sure you answer his question with a "Yes," otherwise he won't let you pass. It is not suggested you kill him as he can serve as a vendor for some unique pyromancies and more, but if you mistakenly say "No," then you can quit and reload your game so that he'll ask you again. Head over to the woman that looks like Quelaag, which is actually her sister, known as "The Fair Lady" and she'll give you the option to join the Chaos Servant covenant.

[edit] Other Information

[edit] Benefits

[edit] Covenant Level

Level Requirement Rewards
+0 Join the Covenant. The Great Chaos Fireball Pyromancy.
+1 Offer 10 Humanity. A Divine Blessing.
+2 Offer 30 Humanity. The Chaos Storm Pyromancy and unlocks a shortcut from the Demon Ruins to Lost Izalith.
+3 Offer 80 Humanity. There are no rewards for obtaining this rank.

[edit] Betrayal Penalties

  • Lose the ability to use the Lost Izalith shortcut and causes you to lose half of your current Humanity offerings.

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