Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III
Dark Souls III.jpg
Cover Art of Dark Souls III
Genre: Action Roleplaying
Publisher: From Software/Namco Bandai
Developer: From Software
Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC
Rating: M for Blood and Gore, Partial Nudity, Violence
Release Dates: Japan: March 24th, 2016
Worldwide: April 12th, 2016

Dark Souls III is a video game developed by From Software. It is the sequel to the 2014 video game Dark Souls II.

Dark Souls III is the third and final installment in the Dark Souls franchise. It is renowned for its fast gameplay, challenging bosses, unique weapons, and masterful world-building.


[edit] Starting Classes

Dark Souls III offers a choice of 10 classes at the beginning of the game for you to choose from. It is best to pick a class you feel as though you can adapt to and have fun with. The stat distribution in the game does lock you to any weapons or skills though.

[edit] Stats

Dark Souls uses a leveling system that revolves around souls, the recognized currency of the game. Increasing your Soul Level will benefit you through the use of additional health or stamina, better weapon scaling, enhanced resistance, and more. Leveling up can be done by talking to the Fire Keeper who resides in Firelink Shrine then investing levels into the stats of your choice. Once successfully done, you can not remove your Soul Levels or be refunded so make sure you spend them accordingly!

[edit] Burial Gifts

A burial gift is a starting item of your choice that can help with your journey throughout Lothric. All of them have certain strengths and weaknesses, so choose wisely!

[edit] Locations

As in Dark Souls II, the locations in Dark Souls III can be warped from the beginning of the game. You must have light the bonfire in the area to do so.

[edit] Ashes of Ariandel DLC

[edit] The Ringed City DLC

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