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[edit] Overview

The Forest Hunters are a "Truly Neutral" covenant that promotes invasive play, much like the Blade of the Darkmoon and Darkwraith covenants. Becoming a part of this covenant increases the opportunity of invasive gameplay while reducing the chance of being invaded, however the invasions (and reduction thereof in your world) only occur in Darkroot Garden. To invade, you must have the Cat Covenant Ring equipped (it doesn't matter what part of Lordran you're in) and you will be summoned accordingly, just as the Darkmoon Blade members are when using the Darkmoon Séance Ring. While the covenant itself doesn't offer any more than a single reward, you do receive one item for each successful invasion along with your usual souls. However, it does usually offer some insanely active invasion rates.

[edit] Requirements to Join

There is only one method that the player can obtain access to the Forest Hunters.

  • Head over to Andre of Astora, the Blacksmith that's a floor below the bonfire in the Undead Parish and right before the entrance to Sen's Fortress. Purchase the Crest of Artorias for 20,000 souls off of him and proceed to go down the steps, continuing until you arrive at a door with a glowing circle. Open the door (feel free to open up the bonfire behind the illusory wall to the immediate left) and make your way until you find a cat known as Alvina of the Darkroot Wood. Speak with her and she'll offer you to join them the Forest Hunters, as well as give you the Cat Covenant Ring to be summoned to conquer invaders of the forest.

[edit] Other Information

[edit] Benefits

  • The ability to invade other players that are intruding in the Darkroot Garden as a Blue Phantom.
  • A reward randomly chosen out of a variety of items and souls after defeating the host.
  • Easy access to the Ring of Fog and access to the merchant, Shiva of the East.

[edit] Covenant Level

Level Requirement Rewards
+0 Join the Covenant. The Cat Covenant Ring and ability to use Shiva of the East as a merchant.
+0 1 Kill A Divine Blessing.
+0 3 Kills The Ring of Fog.
+1 10 Kills There are no rewards for obtaining this rank.
+2 30 Kills There are no rewards for obtaining this rank.
+3 80 Kills There are no rewards for obtaining this rank, but she will mention her deep distrust for Shiva of the East at this point.

[edit] Betrayal Penalties

  • When you speak with Alvina after betrayal, she will be disgusted with you and disappear for the entirety of your current playthrough.
  • Shiva of the East and his Bodyguard will become aggressive and will no longer appear in Blighttown.
  • The Clan of Forest Protectors will also become aggressive as if it's your first time entering the Darkroot Garden.

Note: Killing Sif does not count as a betrayal, contrary to popular belief. In all honesty, Alvina has a distaste for the Great Grey Wolf Sif.

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