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Gravelord Servant is a 'Lawful Evil' covenant that is great for online play and tricking your opponents.

To join the Gravelord Servant you must sit in a coffin that is in the Catacombs, after you will be teleported into the Tomb of the Giants, go to the giant coffin to join this covenant. When you join this covenant you will be awarded with the Gravelord Sword and the Miracle Gravelord Sword Dance

When in the Gravelord Servant you will be able to level up in the covenant by offering Eyes of Death to the giant coffin, the following chart shows how many Eyes of Death you will need to offer to rank up.

Rank Eyes of Death Offered Reward
+1 10 Gravelord Greatsword Dance
+2 30 Both Gravelord sword Miracles become stronger by 20%
+3 80 Both Gravelord sword Miracles become stronger by 30%

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