Human Effigy

Human Effigy
Human Effigy.png
Consumable item.
Game Originated Dark Souls II

[edit] Dark Souls II

In-game Description:

"A warm, soft, shadow-like effigy. Use this item to reverse Hollowing. It also weakens the links to other worlds, invasions and most cooperation. Peer closely at an effigy, and one begins to perceive a human form, but whose form it takes depends on the person looking."


Turns user human, any restrictions on the health bar are restored, opens the portals in the Pilgrims of the Dark covenant, and burn at a bonfire to limit online play for 1 hour. (Which means all summoning and invading)


Sold by: Merchant Hag Melentia, Grave Warden Agdayne, Darkdiver Grandahl, Magerold Of Lanafir

Also in: Iron Keep, Brightstone Cove Tselodora, Belfry Sol, and as a Starting Gift.

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