A black sprite with a white outline that serves many purposes in the game. Can be used to reverse hollowing when used at a bonfire as well as kindle a bonfire to increase the maximum number of estus flasks obtained when resting at that bonfire. When consumed it fully restores the users vitality so it is often used as a healing item in place of estus flasks when in phantom form.

Humanity also offers other perks when consumed such as increasing all resistances and the users item discovery stat. In addition it increases the damage of chaos weapons and spells though after 10 soft humanity on a character it gives no further bonuses.

LORE: There is a ton of lore regarding humanity in the game and some speculation as well so I won't go into too much detail as this isn't nearly all of it. As of the recent DLC it has been given some new lore making humanity sprites actual enemy mobs in the game with can be farmed for consumable humanity. It is said that all life comes from the abyss and humanity is essentially the essence of life as it allows you to reverse your hollowing and turn you human again so it would only make sense that when you venture down into the abyss to stop the spread of the corruption you find lots of humanity sprites down there.

POPULAR FARMING SPOTS -- The rats in the depths or under the bridge leading to the undead parish -- The squid like creatures in the dukes archives in the room you get thrown into after being killed by Seath(some of which are captured maidens that have been experimented on and horribly transformed). -- The sprites in the abyss (DLC only)

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