Paladin Leeroy

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Paladin Leeroy is a NPC that is part of the covenant Way of White He can be found in the Catacombs and in the Tomb of the Giant. He wields a heavy, hard hitting weapon.

You can first encounter Leeroy for the battle against Pinwheel in the Catacombs. If you are human you can summon him, his summon sign is above where the Wheel Skeletons are to get to it you must be at the top and drop down.

Your second encounter with Leeroy will this time be an invasion, he will invade you if you are in Human form in the Tomb of the Giants just before the boss fight with Nito. When defeated he will drop 21,236 Souls, the weapon Grant, Sanctus Shield and 3 Humanity. After he is defeated his armor will be available in the area you fight Gravelord Nito.

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