Sen's Fortress

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Entrance to Sen's Fortress

Sen's Fortress is located through a door next to the bonfire that is above Blacksmith Andrei in Undead Parish. Originally if you locate Sen's Fortress you will notice that the gates are locked and there is no way to get inside, To get the gates open you must ring both bells of Awakening, the bells are located in Undead Parish and Blighttown. Once both bells are rung a Giant that is located at the top of Sen's Fortress will open the gate. Once inside you will notice that it's filled with tricky traps and tough enemies that could give you a lot of trouble if you are new to the game.

The first room you encounter once the gates are open has two Serpent Soldiers and a built in button on the floor that links with a hole in the staircase that will shoot out 3 deadly arrows that could kill you if you don't protect yourself in time, a good trick to use while facing the two Serpent Soldiers is to stand in front of the button and lore them towards you in a line or individually, once they get past the place where the arrows shoot out stand on the button, if executed properly the arrows should kill one of them or at least injure them to help you defeat the Serpents. Also located in the room in the far right corner behind a pot is a Soul of a Brave Warrior.

In the next room if you look to your left you will see an item that is out of reach, you will also see a thin walkway, you must get across this walkway but be careful of Sen's Fortress famous swinging blades that could knock you down to the bottom(The Pit) while going across have your shield up this way you can protect yourself from the Serpent Mage that will be casting lightning spells at you. Before you can get to the end you must face another Serpent Warrior, this fight could be very tricky for new comers due to the narrow walkway, a recommended approach is to have arrows so you could fire one and get his attention, due to them being bad at dodging the blades they should get knocked of while rushing towards you leaving you with a free walkway to get through.

Once you get through the first walkway turn left and go up some stairs and you will have another small walkway and swinging blades to get through, on the other side you will have a Serpent Mage(if you didn't take him out earlier) you can get past him and enter a small room with another button switch that shoots out arrows(if you are quick), you can stand on the button and effortlessly kill the Serpent Mage once that's done you will see a chest with two Large Titanite Shard inside. If you continue through you will see a sleeping Serpent Soldier standing in front of a wall, you could leave him for later or kill him now as it won't attack you first. Continue forward and you will be going outside but don't go outside just yet! as there will be some massive boulders coming down that can take away a lot of health, wait for one to just past you and run up the ramp stick to the left side and you will see a fog wall, but if you continue forward you will have another Serpent Mage once you take him out there will be a chest at the back with the Ring of Steel Protection inside. When you leave the building before going back to the fog wall jump of down to the left(don't worry you won't die) there you will a useful weapon the Shotel, this weapon is able to pierce through shields when your opponent has their shield up making it a very good weapon. Jump down again and you will see another two Serpent Soldiers and Siegmeyer of Catarina (if you visited Sen's Fortress while it was closed you would of seen this guy already) take out the two Soldiers but be careful of Siegmeyer, you don't want to hurt him! now head back towards the first door you came out of so you don't get hit by the boulder and then go through the fog wall.

In here you'll find a empty room with a corridor leading towards another room but in the middle of the corridor is another arrow trap, that will shoot you from behind, when triggered you can either turn around and block the arrows or quickly rush through to the other room to avoid being hit, be careful though as there is another Serpent Soldier take him out and slowly head towards the door as there will be boulders coming down again, wait for one to hit the wall in front of you and follow it down avoid being hit by the Serpent Mage above you. Once down you will have a room to the left with a chest(don't open this) you could either enter that room or wait for the back wall to be knocked down then quickly collect the Serpent Ring. After that avoid being hit by a boulder and go to the room with the chest, this chest is actually a Mimic a enemy that is like a chest(so it's easy to mistake this as a chest but a way to tell the differences is by looking at the chain of the floor next to them, a Mimic's chain will be straight but a normal chest will have a curved chain. This enemy could be very tricky but is worth beating as it will drop a Lightning Spear weapon, a extremely good weapon due to it's lightning buff. There is also a lift in this room and you will need to use it but don't go all the way up as it's a trap and you will go into a spiked ceiling taking away health, instead leave once you get to a platform and head up the stairs, across the bridge, down some stairs again and run up to the top, where you will see the Boulder Mechanism that you can turn yourself to make it go to whatever location you wish.

In the Boulder Mechanism room you can make it so the boulder goes down towards the Sleeping Serpent Soldier this will make the wall it was leaning up break allowing you to enter behind it, in this hidden room you will find Big Hat Logan locked in a cell, if you have a master key you can free him but if not you will have to find another key that is at the top of the Fortress. If you have the master key on you free him and speak to him, after this he will leave to Firelink Shrine once you defeat the boss in this area. Once you are back in the Boulder Mechanism room make it so the boulder is not facing towards the Serpent Mage that was shooting at you earlier as you can jump down to where he is and you will have two rooms, one leads to the Black Sorcerer Set as well as the spell Hush and the other one you must drop down, here you can find the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring but will have to make your way through the Fortress again. Back in the room you will have a corridor with a arrow button, stand on it and face to your left with your shield up to avoid being hit by the arrows and then head straight and turn left, now you will have another short walkway with swinging blades, but these blades are to close to stand in the middle of so you will have to run all the way through, once you get to the end to you right will be a Serpent Soldier and to your left will be some stairs with a Serpent Mage at the top and if you stay down before going up the stairs around the corner is another Serpent Soldier with two Large Titanite Shards behind it, after you take out the Mage at the top of the stairs you will come across another very small walkway but before you go across be aware to your left is a Serpent Mage run forward to get away from his attacks and go in the middle of the 4 fast swinging blades(they are going to fast to go all the way across) and then get past the last two swinging blades and to your right should be the fog wall.

Now you are on the rooftop and you will be a giant rock thrower ahead of you, don't worry he won't attack you...yet. If you go left and go down some stairs you will find a Undead Knight kill him and go around the corner to find another Knight, after you kill this Knight you will see a chest, open it and get the Flame Stoneplate Ring, after this head back to where you first came out and go the other way, this way you have to be careful because of a Firebomb Giant on the roof that's tries to hit you with the bombs. after you go up some set of stairs you will see a corpse with a Large Soul of a Brave Warrior attached and you will see more stairs but if you turn right you will see a ledge where there is no spiky fence, you can fall down this(fall don't jump!) and you will find a bonfire that you can use. After that head back up the stairs you can either go forward towards a Tower Shield Knight to the left of him is a ladder you can go down, if you go left at the bottom of the ladder you will encounter a Mini Boss Ricard the Archer he can do decent damage and being in a tight place can make the fight tricky but after you kill him he will drop his weapon, Ricard Rapier and if you continue up you will see two chests with a Divine Blessing and a Rare Ring of Sacrifice inside them. Now if you go back to where you had the chance to go straight or left and go left you will come to a walkway to the left of the walkway is a gap that you can jump across, in here you will find Crestfallen Merchant he can sell some items for you and at the bottom of him down some stairs will be the Cage Key, guarded by a Serpent Mage once you collect this key you will be able to get to the rooftops easier. Once you jump back across just continue going around and you will get to the very top to get in the room you must first take out a Undead Archer once that's done you will be in the room with the fog wall for the boss(don't enter the fog wall, yet) behind the fog wall at the back of the room is some stairs go up them and kill the Firebomb Giant this way you won't have him throwing bombs at you during your boss fight. Now head back down and now you have one more thing to do before taking on the boss to the right is a walkway go across it and you will see a summon sign, this summon sign belongs to Iron Tarkus summon him for the fight as he will be a great help, now take on the boss!

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