Shiva of the East

Shiva of the East.png

Shiva of the East is second in command of the Forest Hunter covenant. He will spawn after you join his covenant, and can be found to the left of the Castle in which you find Alvina of the Darkroot Wood‎ He wears the full Eastern Armor and wields the Murakumo and Iron Round Shield.

After you speak to him at Darkroot Wood he will appear as a Merchant at Blighttown where you can speak to him and learn the gesture 'Look Skyward' he will also sell many items for you. (The chart below shows what items he sells and how much they cost)

Name Prize (in souls)
Flamberge 10,000
Stone Greatsword 15,000
Demon Great Machete 10,000
Shotel 10,000
Uchigatana 5,000
Washing Pole 20,000
Demon's Greataxe 10,000
Claws 5,000
Demon's Spear 15,000
East Wood Grain Ring 10,000
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