Starting Gifts

Starting Gifts are an assortment of items that you can start with in Dark Souls, and Dark Souls II. You may only choose one, or opt to not have one at all.

[edit] Dark Souls

Image Name Quantity Description
Divine Blessing.png Godess' Blessing 3 Divine holy water. Fully restores HP and status.
Black Firebomb.png Black Firebomb 10 Explodes upon impact when thrown. More deadly than standard bomb.
Twin Humanities.png Twin Humanities 1 Tiny sprite called humanity. Sometimes found on carcasses.
Binoculars.png Binoculars 1 Binoculars. Use to peer at faraway sights.
Pendant.png Pendant 1 Trinket. No effect, but fond memories comfort travelers.
Master Key.png Master Key 1 Opens any basic lock. Initial equip for thief.
Tiny Being's Ring.png Tiny Being's Ring 1 Special tribal ring. HP recovers slowly while equipped.
Old Witch's Ring.png Old Witch's Ring 1 Gift from a witch. Ancient ring with no obvious effect.

[edit] Dark Souls II

Image Name Quantity Description
Life Ring.png Life Ring 1 Increases Max HP by 5%
Human Effigy.png Human Effigy 1 Use to reverse hollowing. It can also be used to limit online plan for 30 minutes, when burned at a bonfire.
Seed of a Tree of Giants.png Seed of a Tree of Giants 1 Consumed when used. It makes the enemies in your world attack invaders.
Homeward Bone.png Homeward Bone 1 Used to return to last visited bonfire.
Bonfire Ascetic.png Bonfire Ascetic 1 Burn at a bonfire to strengthen the enemies in that area. Non-reversable.
Petrified Something.png Petrified Something 1 Drop at the nest in Things Betwixt to receive a random item.
Old radiant lifegem.png Lifegem, Radiant Lifegem, Old Radiant Lifegem 10, 3, 1 (Respectively) Assortment of healing items

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