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[edit] Overview

The Warrior of Sunlight is a "Lawful Neutral" covenant that promotes cooperative play, much like the Way of White and Princess' Guard covenants. Becoming a part of this covenant increases the opportunity of cooperative gameplay while reducing the chance of being invade, but it also provides two beneficial perks that provide a higher chance of being summoned. The first is that your Soul Sign will become a rusty golden color causing it to stand out from any others that might happen to appear, as well as changing your Phantom form from a white to golden hue. After defeating the boss of an area while summoned, both the host and summon will receive a Sunlight Medal.

[edit] Requirements to Join

There is only one method that the player can obtain access to the Warrior of Sunlight.

  • Pray at the Sunlight Altar in the Undead Parish, which is the bonfire directly under the Hellkite Dragon just outside of the Taurus Demon boss fight. To join, you will have to meet the requirement of 25 Faith. This can be reduced, however, by being summoned to help defeat bosses for others. For each individual boss that you help defeat, the Faith requirement will be reduced by 5 levels.

[edit] Other Information

[edit] Benefits

[edit] Covenant Level

Level Requirement Rewards
+0 Join the Covenant. The Lightning Spear and the Praise the Sun gesture.
+1 Offer 10 Sunlight Medals. The Great Lightning Spear and the ability to trade the Soul of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder for the Sunlight Spear.
+2 Offer 30 Sunlight Medals. Increased output damage for Sunlight Spear.
+3 Offer 80 Sunlight Medals. Increased output damage for Sunlight Spear.

[edit] Betrayal Penalties

Lose the ability to use the Sunlight Blade Miracle and causes you to lose half of your current Sunlight Medals.

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