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[edit] Overview

The first covenant that a player has immediate access to upon arriving in Lordran, the Way of White is a "Lawful Good" covenant that can assist the player from an online perspective. Becoming a part of this covenant increases the opportunity of cooperative gameplay while reducing the chance of being invaded.

[edit] Requirements to Join

There are several methods that cause one to become a part of the Way of White.

  • Both the Knight and Cleric starting classes are a part of this covenant upon the creation of a new character.
  • Speak with Petrus of Thorolund at Firelink Shrine three times, then accept his offer to make a covenant with the gods. After the covenant is made, Petrus will also begin selling you Miracles and two individual talismans.
  • Speak with Rhea of Thorolund at Undead Parish, then select the option to Join Covenant. She will also sell you several miracles, but a covenant does not have to be established to do so.

Way of White is a 'Lawful Good' covenant that is used for helping out other members of the covenant with online help, being part of this covenant increases your chances of seeing more summon signs to summon for help.

[edit] Other Information

[edit] Benefits

  • The increased chances of cooperative play, rather than invasive online activities.

[edit] Covenant Level

There are no covenant levels.

[edit] Betrayal Penalties

Lose one Estus Flask, though it can be restored the next time you rest at a bonfire, die, or homeward bone.

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